Argan oil is popular non-greasy oil that originates from Morocco and it is extensively used for skin care and hair treatment that involves repair and restoration of damaged hair to healthy hair. This beauty product is toxin free and does not harm the skin and hair. It is obtained from the kernels of the Argan tree and the argan oil hair is very useful in locking in the moisture besides providing the hair a shiny and lustrous look.

 Application of the Argan Oil Hair

The amount of argan oil hair that is required for any person to apply on their hair depends on their hair type and the length of their hair. To obtain the required texture of the hair it is necessary to apply this oil for few times. At the first small amount of this argan oil hair about 5-6 drops must be applied and then it should be increased gradually according to the requirement. This trendy hair treatment provides life to the hair and this is made possible due to the content of unsaturated fats in the oil as well as Omega 9 that improves the strength of the hair.

The various other purposes, this oil makes use of being as a hair styling product, hair heat protector, hot-oil treatment, treatment for scalp and hair-growth treatment. The generous amount of this oil can be applied even to enhance the looks of natural curly hair. To obtain more favorable results one should apply this oil at least 2-3 times a week.

Benefits of Argan Oil Hair

The main benefits of this miracle oil that is obtained after crushing the Argan fruit is that it provides the hair and the skin look good. This product is also referred as liquid gold because it provides new life to the hair and is used for hair treatment to set away dry hair. It hydrates the hair in a natural way and also enhances the flexibility of the hair, thereby making it smoother and silkier. Being a good source of Vitamin E and rich in natural anti-oxidants the argan oil hair is very beneficial to strengthen the hair and repair the damaged hair strands.

How to Apply Argan Oil Hair

This hair care product can be massaged on the hair and kept overnight and then washed. And after washing the hair 2-3 drops of this oil can be applied to the hair that acts like a conditioner and makes it easy to style the hair. For women who have long and thick hair it is very necessary to apply the oil properly till its roots and to keep the hair away from frizzing.

The brittleness of the hair that is caused by coloring of the hair can be reduced by making use of this argan oil hair.  The hair of most celebrities gets damaged by styling often can also be repaired and restored to normal look by effectively applying this oil. The properties of this oil are similar to the Jojoba oil and this oil effectively penetrates the hair shafts easily and provides the nourishment required for it.

The moisturizing properties of this oil make it very valuable and enable the hair to turn out to be stronger. For hair that has split ends the oil must be applied at the ends and to avoid any further damage. This oil works wonders for hair and restores elasticity of the hair. The shampoo and conditioner used for the hair contain reconstructive keratin fatty acids and that promotes moisture to the hair and makes it easy to manage.

This hair oil also provides a glossy finish to the hair and protects it from heat styling and encourages healthier hair growth. It also helps to increase the volume of hair on regular application and make it look more bouncy. It acts like a protective layer around the hair strands and protect the hair from any ultraviolet light exposure. All this is possible because the hair oil contains anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.  The main purpose of abundance of nutrients in this hair oil is that it provides lovely hair that looks stylish. Hence, care must be taken that the product one purchases is pure; otherwise it would lead to damage of the hair.

Other Uses of Argan Oil

This oil besides proving beneficial for the head and skin is used for lips and nails. Women use this oil to reduce the dandruff on their hair and even to prevent hair loss.

This US based product is made available by many companies to the people for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. This precious Argan oil has lot of ecological value and its kernels obtained from Argan tree are roasted to produce culinary oil. They are used in the raw form to produce cosmetic oil and which is produced by grounding the kernels in to a paste and then extracting the oil from it. The Argan oil is 100% pure and does not contain any preservatives and moreover is very safe to use.

This oil is used by both men and women and has anti-inflammatory properties and that is very useful for both oily and dry skin condition. There are many companies that provide Argan oil and some of them include the Organic Argan Oil Company, Saadia Organics, and Zakia’s Morocco and so on.  These products make a person feel twenty years younger and also provide a soothing effect to the skin. They provide a wide range of these beauty products that are made from natural ingredients and free from chemicals at reasonable prices to the customer.

The most noteworthy benefit of this product Argan oil is that it is used to treat ear aches and chronic deafness. It has various medicinal properties and hence used for treating problems like osteoarthritis, azoospermia, stimulating cerebral functions and atherosclerosis. It is all these properties that make this oil so popular and be called as Miracle Oil. So, hurry and make use of argan oil hair and enjoy gorgeous looking hair.